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Why You’ll Love This Position

This position is a unique opportunity to serve and support the men and women that serve and protect you by ensuring our Nation’s rotary wing aircraft are safe and operational when they are needed. This position is located in a state-of-the-art Army National Guard aircraft maintenance facility.

What You’ll Do
Manages the input of data into the Global Combat Support System (GCSS-Army) for creation of workbooks for the induction of maintenance request from a customer support base for aviation related components. Responsible for production scheduling tasks and scheduling work, ensuring a constant workload in each section at the MO-TASMG to meet contractual time lines.
Prepares and provides reports and other data to the Production Control (PC) Officer on the operational management of the National Maintenance Program (NMP), Repairable Management (RM), Repair and Return (RR), Aviation Intermediate Maintenance (AIM) and Aircraft Paint processes at the MO‐TASMG. Informs the PC officer of operations of the NMP, RM, RR, AIM and Aircraft Paint to assure productions, quality standards, and scheduled workload projects are completed. Coordinates NMP, RM, RR, AIM and Aircraft Paint operations for the PC Officer to the Maintenance, Supply and Quality Control Division Chiefs daily or on an as needed basis.
Conducts production meetings to manage Army Working Capital Fund – Supply Management
Army (AWCF‐SMA) local repair programs necessary to meet assigned regional and national maintenance workloads. Elevates information to the Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) Information Management Review (IMR) and disseminates relevant information to the appropriate Division Chief participating in the NMP, RM, RR, AIM, and Aircraft Paint activities within the MO‐TASMG.
Monitors current status of work books. Uses production and management reports available to provide status of progress of the work book to determine current maintenance actions in progress and location of components. Prepares all required reports within specified time frames per the Production Control Supervisor.
Uses the Cost Information Request (CIR) to gather information on manpower, parts and equipment from the MO‐TAMSG Division Chiefs when contacted by CECOM, AMCOM, TACOM item managers. Monitors the CIR flow process and provides MO‐TASMG cost estimate by the suspense of the requester.
Coordinates the NMP Process Verification Audits (PVA) with Maintenance, Army Engineering Directorate (AED), Quality Control and Supply Division Chiefs. Responsible for ensuring repair of items does not exceed the Maintenance Expenditure Limit and notifies Production Control Supervisor if this occurs. Ensures reliable job order costs, work units, and other production information is valid
Provides overview of the assigned maintenance programs in accordance with planned quantity and funding. Submits monthly production reports through the Army Sustainment Command (ASC) to the National Logistics Coordination Office (NLCO). Reports work order level detail (man hours, parts, packaging and crating costs) in GCSS-Army/ACN format to Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESTP).
Participates fully with higher management officials in studying and developing recommendations concerning changes in specification requirements, work techniques and standards, improving or modernizing of equipment, facility layout, and workflow. Participates in planning conferences, workshops, and meetings with travel involved.
Package and handle hazardous materials; identify and dispose of hazardous waste; capability to establish and maintain effective workplace relationships with others; performs other work as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications

Two (2) years of experience as an Aircraft Mechanic and possession of a high school diploma or a GED certificate OR four (4) years of technical experience in the specialized maintenance and repair of aircraft components and equipment, two of which must have been in specialized aircraft maintenance and repair.
This position requires acquiring and/or maintaining a T1 investigation clearance eligibility.
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Mo Department of Public Safety/Adjutant General Division, Human Resources, (573)638-9609 or

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