How Much Money Do Flight Attendants Make?

I discover that every time I ask my buddies or household this query, they actually by no means have a clue. I assume I ought to begin by saying we receives a commission in a little bit of an unorthodox method. We don’t work 40 hour work weeks like most enterprise professionals and our scheduling is a bit of complicated.

How Much Money Do Flight Attendants Make?

The common hours a flight attendant ‘works’ per thirty days is about 80. Many airways assist you to work greater than that if you want to take action. That is simply time that we spend within the air, and doesn’t really account for the time spent ready in-between flights, or reporting to work.

The precise pay charges range drastically based mostly on how huge of an airline you’re employed for. The most important airways pay flight attendants a flight hour pay of about $30 beginning out, and prime out round $70 per flight hour, based mostly on years of service. All of them prime us out at about 13 years of service with the corporate. A median 3-day journey could be price about 17 hours of our flight hour pay price.

We additionally get a time away from base (per diem) pay of about $2.40 per hour of a visit. Not like our flight hour pay, this pay is given to us each single hour of the journey that we’re on. For instance, a 3-day journey will often be price about 55 hours of time away from base.

So utilizing the 2 examples above, let’s calculate what a 3-day journey could be price for flight attendants on totally different ranges of the pay scales. Take into accout, precise pay charges range from airline to airline, and these numbers will not be actual.

3 Day journey price 17 hours of Credit score & 55 hours of per diem

1st yr flight attendant ($30/hour) — (17 x $30) +( 55 x $2.40) = $642

sixth yr flight attendant: ($50/hour) — (17 x $50) + (55 x $2.40) = $982

twelfth yr flight attendant: (70/hour) — (17x $70) + (55 x $2.40) = $1,322

Let me know within the feedback if this is kind of than you have been anticipating.

Additionally, that is a particularly fundamental instance of how our pay works. There are different additions I didn’t point out, as they’d be extraordinarily difficult to clarify.

Updated: September 13, 2022 — 11:09 am