BASF Career- Analyst Jobs in Chandigarh

To support BASF Venture Capital team on research on various Investment topics

To create and regularly update communication documents for BASF Venture Capital – encompassing the findings from research and the BVC’s investment thesis on various topics

Detailed Responsibilities

  • Research responsibilities:
  • On each topic of interest to BASF Venture Capital, to research global technology trends, market trends, value-chain related constraints and opportunities, funding history and trends, position of key industry players, and finally the current landscape of startups and their success.
    • This will require an ability to quickly obtain high-level understanding of New technologies through secondary research – history of evolution, key technological barriers, key ecosystem enablers or barriers, extent of technological progress in each geography etc. with the objective of being able to conclude whether the technology is a genuinely useful and viable improvement over current status.
  • To research market-wise drivers that will influence the importance of such a topic – focusing only on the markets that BVC has interest in.
    • This will also require an ability to quickly learn and appreciate global macro-economic and ecosystem drivers to assess market-wise impact of GDP, purchasing power, industrial growth, sector-wise performance, export-import dependencies, manufacturing capabilities, technological adoption, internet-led behaviours, changing consumer interests, thrust on sustainability, impact of changes in regulation etc.
  • To research the global startup landscape – history, financial performance, success and failures, industry adoption, funding.
    • This will require an ability to be comfortable with company financial information (revenues, revenue growth, gross margins, EBITDA, capitalization, cash burn, valuation multiples etc.
  • To supplement secondary research with opinions from BVC global team, interviews with BASF experts and/or external experts
  • To support BVC India team on in-depth research on topics of interest for just the India market. This will involve (in addition to the above research requirements) personal visits to various startups and companies.
  • Communication responsibilities:

To capture the findings of all the above research in different communication formats. To be responsible for updating this communication (and research) periodically and circulating it both internally and externally as required.

Updated: September 13, 2022 — 11:10 am